​Check here for a document for a Month by Month Checklist provided by Calloway's Nursery!


​​December is here! Keep your lawn and garden thriving with our handy checklist!

Print it out or save it to your phone, and then take it to Calloway’s for everything you need. Questions? Our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals are available at a store near you.
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Calloway's Timely Tips for Gardeners

Beginning in February 2009, the HOA Board decided to participate in the Calloway's Nursery "Good Neighbor" Program which will work in tandem with our Yard of the Month program.

Some of the benefits to our residents offered by the program will include:

  • Calloway's Garden Advice - Tip of the Month

  • Monthly account credit ($25.00) provided as awards for two "Yard of the Month" winners

  • Discounts given during one household member's birthday month birthday month.

  • To create a Blooming Rewards account with Calloway's nursery, click here. As a Blooming Rewards Member, you’ll receive a variety of exclusive benefits and savings. You can earn Rewards Points for every dollar that you spend at Calloway’s, gain access to exclusive discounts, and more!